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Why Joining Yelp is Vital for Small Business

Benefits of Joining Yelp for Small Businesses

Yelp has become the necessary evil in the success or failure of small businesses. So many small business owners we consult with refuse to get on Yelp because of the potential of negative reviews. Thing is, if they aren’t there by their own choice, chances are someone will put them on there anyway! Therefore, showing the immense value of being on Yelp becomes a hot topic. Here’s why Yelp is vital for small business:

  1.  Market Research. Market research is an expensive industry. Social media data mining and trend spotting have become staples for any marketing department that wants to save hundreds of thousands of dollars and get more accurate information. In the social media sphere, feedback is volunteered by users who clearly are your target demographic. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be discussing your industry/product. Yelp was created to encourage reviews for consumers to access, but it provides companies valuable marketing information at the same time! According to their website, over 100 million people visited Yelp January 2013. “Yelp it” is a verb used every day just like “Google it”. Not only this, but they offer analytics so you can see how many people read the user feedback.
  2. Consumer Feedback. Consumers are smart and they like to share their opinion.  One of the most endearing qualities of a company, is a visible response to consumer feedback. And the feedback is there. Businesses can be listed and discussed whether they participate or not and the best image management decision is to show you are participating and listening. Show that you care.
  3. Consumer Credibility. Yelp provides a palatable form of assessing whether to believe a critic’s reviews. On each reviewer’s profile, there is a synopsis of their reviewing history, how helpful they have been rated and a discernment graph. In a glance it is visible whether your potential customer can rely on a review.
  4. Strategic Partnerships. Another wonderful business growth tool that Yelp provides is strategic partnerships by recommending other businesses.  By conveniently raising another business’s ratings you become a supporter of their project. This type of compliment is a flattering introduction to further collaboration and partnership.


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AUTHOR: Nisha Maxwell

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Are you using Yelp for your small business? How has it been working for you?