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How to Use YouTube to Brand Yourself

Set Up Your YouTube Page for You!


YouTube has become the largest video-sharing site on the planet. It has helped to boost thousands of careers and turned countless ordinary people into global celebrities over-night. While we all know YouTube provides a plethora of videos, ranging from singing dogs to “Gangnam Style,” many don’t think to use this major engine to promote themselves. YouTube has a tremendous reach and when used properly, it can have a serious impact. When it comes to personal marketing/branding there really is no easier way to share your business (not to mention it’s free!). The only problem is, the majority of us don’t know how to optimize this resource for our own personal benefit. Well now is the time to change that!

I found an awesome article that shows you step-by-step how to set up your personal brand on YouTube.  Author, Dan Schawbel breaks it down and spells it out slowly for us non-technologically–gifted people (you don’t have to be a tech-wizard to get this!). What’s cool is that you can actually select a level of difficulty/expertise on your page and YouTube will set up your page according to your level of tech proficiency to make the process easier for you! Channel optimization is key. YouTube provides plenty of tips on how to work your page for maximum results.

YouTube can be a wonderful compliment to any other social media pages you already have. Your videos can be shared on other social media outlets to optimize viewing. Using YouTube can take your brand to the next level. I found this podcast called “Using YouTube to Build Your Brand, Authority and Business” to be super interesting.  It gives you an idea of how to measure feedback and gives some tips on how to increase your views.

Perhaps my favorite of tool I found when researching this topic was from Mashable, which gives tons of information about YouTube for the small business owner. It gives you everything you could ever need in order to promote your own personal brand online. I think the most important lesson to be learned here is “Don’t neglect your channel!” Be sure to keep up on your posts, it’s the surest want to maintain a solid following. YouTube helps those who help themselves. All of the tools are there so, post away!

Author: Rachel West

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