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Developing Your Personal Brand

Ask Yourself These Questions to Find Your Personal Brand

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In today’s fast-paced, job-hopping business world, your most valuable asset is your own personal brand. How you present yourself – from your resume to your social media properties to what you wear and how you talk – evokes emotions and creates impressions long before anyone actually “gets to know you.” For anyone interested in landing their dream job, having a successful career, making more money, increasing their visibility or being recognized as an expert in their field, having a compelling and consistent personal brand can mean the difference between success and failure.  To develop your brand, you’ll need the answers to the following questions. If you want help finding those answers, email us at to get info on a class we’re teaching, designed to give you all the answers to these difficult questions and set you up for your dream career!

  1. Who you are, really and how does it compare to who you want people to think you are? How can you reconcile the two to be marketable?
  2. Who is your target market?
  3. What are your brand values, tenets and mission?
  4. What is the look and feel of your brand, and does it match the answers to those first 3 questions?
  5. What are you and your brand’s goal?
  6. How will you put your brand into action while staying true to it?
  7. Who is your competition and how will you blow them out of the water?
  8. Do you have a business card, portfolio, resume and social media properties that completely support and are in line with your brand aesthetically and ethically?
  9. How will your brand translate your brand into social media and every day interaction online and offline?
  10. How will you grow your personal brand?
  11. Do you have a support “team”
  12. Where are you in the Pyramid of Influence? Where do you want to be?
  13. How will you attain 3rd party endorsements?
  14. How will you monitor your reputation?
  15. How can you make the most out of networking?
  16. How will you refine your brand as you/it grows?

Email us about the class for answers to these tricky Qs at

Xoxo Ideations Team