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Ethical Public Relations Practices

Authenticity in PR…Now That’s An Oxymoron

PR is a’changing people; and I for one am all for it! It wasn’t so long ago when PR people were known as the dirtiest, schmarmiest, lowest executives on the moral totem pole. And we got this reputation somewhat rightfully so. “Spinning” the truth, making bad companies or people look like they were good, and all-in-all not coming from a spot of integrity, were common practice to get your client ahead in the public’s eye. But, I’m here to tell you – PR PEOPLE CAN BE SUCCESSFUL WHILE COMING FROM A PLACE OF AUTHENTICITY AND INTEGRITY.

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When you come from a place of authenticity, success is inevitable. @ideations 

The public is getting smarter, and so are the journalists. They can see right through a BS pitch, and they can feel when you are trying really hard to promote something your heart isn’t behind. So, what do you do if you have clients who you just aren’t super-excited about? Take some tips from my girl Gabrielle Berstein (@gabbybernstein):

  1. Find a personal connection to the story or brand you are pitching. It may not be obvious at first. But do some research. Maybe you relate to a service they have. Maybe you connect with one of their executives. Maybe you just like one of the lipstick colors they put out. Whatever it is, find your connection and come from that spot of excitement with your pitch.
  2. Find the society soul connection in your brand or story. This is so, so important and will be so much more as our world evolves and helping out our fellow men and women becomes a bigger priority. Everyone loves an underdog story. Everyone loves when someone puts himself or herself aside and helps another. How is your client or brand serving others?
  3. Visualize! Set your intention and visualize getting it. Visualize pitching the story, visualize people interacting with you about this story and visualize it being a huge success!
Write this down & post it in your office:
“Those who are certain of the outcome can wait & wait without anxiety.” – Gabrielle Bernstein

AUTHOR: Jennifer Newton

How are you incorporating your authentic self into your work? Tell us in the comments.