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Nolan Simmons Launches Revita Ink at 20 Years Old


“The Future Belongs to Those Still Willing to Get Their Hands Dirty”


Nolan Christopher Simons is currently a student at Loyola Marymount University, studying Entrepreneurship. His tenacity and willingness to put everything on the line to do what he loves has proved to be key in making him a thriving entrepreneur at such a young age. Nolan is only 20 years old, but his creativity, fervor, and his natural ability to turn an idea into reality has helped him win various competitions for his product Revita Ink. Revita Ink is a product that helps protect the color in tattoos, as well as revitalizing the color pigment in old fading tattoos.  Not only has Nolan proved to have what it takes to become a top-ranking entrepreneur some day, but he has also proved that when you do what you love, your passion and exuberance will convey to ultimate success.
Nolan was more than eager to share with me what his experiences have been like, and to give tips to any young entrepreneurs that are looking for some inspiration or a little push! Also don’t forget to check out Nolan’s product at!


Q: What were some reasons you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

A: I feel like I have an attention disorder, so I can’t do the same thing for too long. I hate doing what everyone else is doing because I have too much energy and want to utilize it to the best of my ability. Starting a business is best way to utilize my energy, and plus I hate wearing a suit and tie and want the ability to do it my way.


Q: Were your family, peers, and friends supportive of your business ventures?

A: My family was supportive of me following my dreams but skeptical of me being hurt. Once they saw that I had proven myself, they were much more supportive. There was a lot of skepticism about starting a business at such a young age from my friends; but that gives me motivation to prove them wrong, it makes me work even harder.


Q: What traits do successful entrepreneurs have?

A: I think they have to have the mindset of always moving forward, don’t ever take a step back and become complacent; I always try to improve myself no matter how big or small the details are. Optimism and charisma are also important, because people won’t buy your product if you don’t believe in it yourself. An entrepreneur needs to sell themselves and the company before selling the product. People are investing in not only the horse but also the jockey; therefore they need to trust who is steering the company.


Q: What would you say to people who are scared to venture into the entrepreneurial world?

A: If you don’t know who you are, you won’t be successful. There are two types of people in the world, a manager and creator. Know who you are, you’re never going to succeed to your highest potential if you don’t know who you are. Self-realization; just do it, don’t be afraid to try.


Q: What is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?
A: I think it is knowing that I love what I’m doing. I’m a creator and I’m creating; doing what I am meant to be doing and that’s a really good feeling.


Q: What are some goals you want to accomplish in next 5 years?
A: To see Revita Ink in over 200 retail stores and to be in the largest retail chains for skin care and beauty products. Also I’d like to see the product be connected in creative culture like music, dance, art, x games, and be the go-to name for tattoo beauty.


Nolan is truly an inspiration with his achievements including:

  • Winning 1st place in the 2010 Elevator Pitch Competition at LMU
  • Being a finalist for the LMU Hilton Cup Presentation
  • Being awarded LMU student ambassador to the greater LA area
  • Representing LMU at the USC Angel Summit Presentation
  • Being the 2013 Loyola Marymount Entrepreneur Student of the Year


AUTHOR: Lauren Vega

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